Clarifaying Shampoo For Healthy Hair

We all want to have healthy, pretty and well-cared hair, so we find it important which shampoo to choose. I am not an excuse; I think that the healthy hair shows the real health. However, I never know which shampoo to choose. It has to be quality, give my hair a volume, shine and softness, it has to smell nice and it has to look healthy. I find myself confused when I am trying to get the proper shampoo for my hair; there are many products today, the choice is big, but also very challenging because it is important to choose the shampoo that suits a certain type of hair. In addition, I am always afraid whether I have chosen a product, which is not made of natural ingredients.


After years and years of trying different kinds of shampoos, I have recently discovered a special shampoo for washing your hair – clarifying shampoo. I have found it on and it was a nice surprise for me. I like the fact that it is made with quality, natural and ecologically acceptable ingredients, which are made using the most contemporary methods, and it is dermatologically tested. After the first wash, I have noticed that my hair is soft, clean and shiny. Package of the shampoo is attractive, it looks nice in every bathroom and it is easy to use. Soft and nice smelling foam, which appears after applying it to the hair, completely removes the dirt and tanginess of my hair. It is easy to wash it off using lukewarm water, and then it is easy to comb it. In addition, after the blow-drying, my hair looks exuberant and healthy, and I find it the most important. For the complete effect, it is recommended to use the shampoo once a week when washing hair, depending on the person. Personally, I have been using it a few times a week and was very pleased with the results. I wish someone had recommended it for me before; I would not lose so much time and money on trying different kinds of shampoo. Another advantage is that you get a volume in your hair after washing it and it stops hair loss, which also contributes when it comes to a nice hair. Also, after washing the hair, but before the blow-drying, you do not have to put any other product on.

AVA-35205-3In addition, this hair wash shampoo (clarifying shampoo) has a striking etiquette and interesting package with a practical plug, which I find important. I think that shampoo has to be closed very carefully so all the ingredients stays untouched and to stop spilling of the shampoo. Design of the bottle and the plug helps with that.

By using the quality shampoo, I can do a lot for a shiny look of my hair. Now, it is verified which product can do that for me. I would suggest using a shampoo every time when washing hair. That way you get a healthy and well-cared look, and the pretty hair decorates every face.

Dukan Diet

Dukan diet is also known by the name French diet. It can change your life style and introduce improvements, both on the physical and psychological level. The confidence boost will put a smile on your face.

The diet got its name from the French doctor Pierre Dukan, who came up with the diet plan. It develops throughfour phases that are connected into one complete process which isextremely important in achieving results and success in losing extra pounds.

Some exemples of animal protein, eggs, cheese, fish, and

The main features of the Dukan diet are: high protein intake, gradual carbohydrates consumption and the initial stage with all the fats excluded from the diet. The following text summarizes each of the four phases. An interesting fact about this diet is that it consists of foods that were eaten during the ancient times when humans hunted animals for meat and gathered plants and herbs.

 1st Phase – Attack

The phase usually lasts ten days, or for a shorter period of time, depending on how much weight you want to lose. The diet is based solely on proteins.Some of the acceptable foods include: veal, beef (but not cutlets), seafood, fish, milk and yoghurt. The food is prepared without using oil, lard, butter, sugar or fruit. Avoid using too much salt.Recommendedbeverages include only water, tea and coffee without sugar. If you follow the diet instructions you can loseup to four kilos in the first five days.

2nd Phase – Cruise

Non-starchy vegetables are included in this phase, such as cucumber, onion, lettuce, Swiss chardand tomatoes. It is recommended to stick to this phase until the moment you achieve the desired body weight. The average weight loss is 1 kg per week.

3rd Phase – Consolidation

The diet contains more vegetables, as well as fruit. Regardless of the fact that you can eat fruit, it is recommended not to eat bananas, grapes and dried fruits because they contain high percentage of sugar. The number of days for this phase is not fixed but there is a formula you can use to calculate how long the phase should last.Multiply the number of kilograms you’ve lost by ten and based on the result you will know for how many days you should remain in the consolidation phase.

4th Phase- Stabilization

This phase lasts for your whole life. All the food ingredients are gradually included into the diet, taking into consideration that the diet should be exclusively protein based at least once a week.

Dukan Diet has  many fans around the world. Their lifestyles have been completely changed and are now both more beautiful and better. Although it appears very simple, this diet demands a lot of patience, perseveranceand motivation in order to achieve long term goals because it completelytransforms the eating habits. Your desires and motivation must be strong in order to achieve a successful result and for the nutrition habits based on the Dukan Diet to become a part of your life.


Numerous articles and books offer detailed explanations about the Dukan Diet process and if you wish to start it make sure to get as much information as possible and,maybe, you will find out that this is the ideal diet for You.